The VivaQuity MyoProg-Advisor
Complete the following information sections to calculate and visualise the progression of myopia, and how to minimise it.
General. Step 1 of 3
  Myopia risk varies with ethnicity, please describe your ethnicity
  Parents myopic status - select number of parents myopic 
  Living environment (urban/rural)
  Current Rx (spherical equivalent, more myopic eye)
Lifestyle. Step 2 of 3
  Time spent outdoors. 
    Hours per week
  Physical activity. 
  Hours per week
  Social and recreational use of devices.
  Time spent with smartphone/tablet/computer games etc.  Hours per day
  Do not include usage during educational activities  
Intervention.  Step 3 of 3
Multifocal spectacle lenses
  Myopia management spectacle lenses 
  Multifocal soft contact lenses 
  Atropine treatment 
The VivaQuity MyoProg-Advisor
Current myopic prescription (dioptres)
  Likely myopic prescription at age 21
  Possible myopic prescription at age 21 if selected lifestyle changes made
  Possible myopic prescription at age 21 with intervention(s)
  Tolerence estimate for projected values     (+/- %)
Delay (years)
The VivaQuity MyoProg-Advisor  
Time spend outdoors  
Physical activities  
Time spent with smartphones/tablet/computer games etc  
Important:  Myopia progression has many variables, and predicting results into future years will never be 100% accurate.  
The VivaQuity Myopia progression calculator employs an advanced algorithm and reflects current knowledge,   
however it should always be used in consultation with an eye-care professional.