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Welcome to the Virtual Ruganda/Boda Boda Challenge.
Be sure to run your 'Official Race' ANY TIME you wish the week of November 1st - 7th.
Step 1
Choose Your Race
Walk/Run or Bike. Choose both if you like.
Remember, this is a Virtual event, so spread the word!!!
Ruganda (Fun Run) Boda Boda Challenge (Cycling)
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Choose a Race
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Choose Your Race Package
Select the number of participants if Registering more than one person.
Must be registered before October 20th to ensure race package prior to race
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Register for Runganda/Boda Boda Challenge Now
Step 3              
Pick Your Cause (optional)
Help CCI support the community of Kawete by contributing to a cause during our virtual event
For each category you support, your name will go on the back of the shirt. Select all three and get you name/organization in BOLD on the top of the shirt.
Entries must be received prior to October 20th for name to be included on the shirt.
Food: Feed the Kids   Education: Teach the Kids   Water: Dig a Well
Goal: $30,000   Goal: $27,000   Goal: $8,000
COVID has closed down markets in most of Uganda. Support the distribution of food to the CCLS-U families.
COVID has closed down schools, but the Lutheran Church, with CCI support, is bringing education to the homes of the CCLS-U children.
There is a need for another well to support a new Secondary School adjacent to the Primary School. Help us dig that well.
Support Food Relief
  Support Education Relief
  Support Well Efforts
Select Your Giving
  Select Your Giving
  Select Your Giving
Name on Shirt   Name on Shirt   Name on Shirt
Feed the Kids   Teach The Kids   Dig a Well
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Generous Heart Giving (optional)
Feel like giving more?  Help us raise money for construction of the  Christ Community Lutheran Secondary School!
Any donation over $20,000 will give you an opportunity to have an all expense paid trip to see the construction or completion of the secondary school in Uganda. ($4500 value)
        Goal: $400,000      
      Help Build a School
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  Would you be generous enough to cover the 3% Credit Card Charge?
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