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Urban Fertilizer Management Calculator-Basic Edition 1.0  
Enter the results from your soil test report in the red boxes below.
      Soil Test   Recommend        
      Values   Nutrient Rates        
      ppm   lbs/1000 sqft          
  Nitrogen 0   lbs N/1000 sqft      
  Phosphorus    lbs P2O5/1000 sqft      
  Potassium 0    lbs K2O/1000 sqft      
  Recommended fertilizer ratio        
Your Fertilizer Selection  
This is the grade of fertilizer you might have historically used, observed at a local garden center, or home center. Please use the red drop-down boxes to select each number of the fertilizer grade.
  "Nitrogen"   "Phosphate"   "Potash"   *Note:  if your soil test provides a nitrogen recommendation, please first select a fertilizer to fulfill the N requirements.  
  N   P2O5   K2O    
  This fertilizer's ratio    
Nitrogen applied  lbs N/1000 sqft    
Phosphate applied  lbs P2O5/1000 sqft    
Potash applied  lbs K2O/1000 sqft    
How this fertilizer supplies your soil test needs: