Calculate the area moment of inertia and section modulus of a Rectangular-Section,  
   about x-axis and y-axis .  Its unit of dimension when working with the  
  International System of Units is meters to the fourth/third power,  
   m4/3, mm4/3, cm4/3or inches to the fourth/third power, in4/3,  
   when working in the Imperial System of Units.    
  Area of section (unit)2  
  Centroid position Xg (unit)  
  Centroid position Yg (unit)  
  DATA     Area moment of inertia about X axis Ix (unit)4  
        Area moment of inertia about Y axis Iy (unit)4  
  Width "b" , (unit)   Polar moment of inertia about Z axis Jz (unit)4  
  Height "h", (unit)   Section Modulus  about X axis Zx (unit)3  
      Section Modulus  about Y axis Zy (unit)3  
  Radius of gyration Rx (unit)  
  Radius of gyration Ry (unit)