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  Armchair & Couch Removals Covers Size (hwd) in cm Quantity  
  Armchair Removals Cover  96x92x94  
  Armchair XL  Removals Cover 105x130x105  
  2-Seater Couch  Removals Cover 96x182x94  
  2-Seater XL Couch Removals Cover 105x195x105  
  3-Seater Couch Removals Cover 96x223x94  
  3-Seater XL Couch Removals Cover 105x240x105  
  4-Seater Couch Removals Cover 96x254x94  
  4-Seater XL Couch Removals Cover 105x260x105  
  5-Seater Couch Removals Cover 96x290x94  
  Snuggle Chair Removals Cover 105x140x105  
  Dining Chair Removals Cover 102x53.5x23t-53.5b  
  Dining Table Leg Bag - 4 Compartments 10x90x10  
  Dining Table Removals Cover 200x120  
  Flat Screen Monitor Bags & Covers  
  26" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  32" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  42" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  50" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  57" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  60" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  65" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  75" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  85" Flat Screen Monitor Bag    
  3-In-1 Flat Screen Monitor Bag (26 to 57 Inch Monitors)    
  22" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 31x51x10  
  26" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 31x51x10  
  32" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 43x74x10  
  42" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 57x96x10  
  50" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 67x115x10  
  57" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 70x130x10  
  60" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 77x137x10  
  65" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 90.5x146x10  
  75" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover    
  85" Flat Screen Monitor Drop-Over Cover 102x178x10  
  White Goods Removals Covers  
  Fridge Freezer (American) 180x91x77  
  Fridge Freezer (Standard) 152x60x60  
  Fridge Freezer (Tall) 183x63x63  
  Microwave Bag 36x59x49  
  Washing Machine  Removals Cover 84x61x61  
  Piano Covers & Bags  
  Grand Piano Leg Bag    
  Grand Piano Lyre Bag    
  Grand Piano Leg & Lyre Bag Set (3 Legs & 1 Lyre Bag)    
  6'6" Grand Piano Removals Cover    
  7'6" Grand Piano Removals Cover    
  8' Grand Piano Removals Cover    
  9' Grand Piano Removals Cover    
  Upright Piano Removals Cover    
  Mattress Bags & Pouch  
  3'6" Mattress Bag 110x200x30  
  4'6" Mattress Bag 132x200x30  
  5' Mattress Bag 155x200x30  
  6' Mattress Bag 182x200x30  
  Mattress Pouch - 600 Denier Polypropylene 55x210x29  
  Cot Mattress Bag 60x120x25  
  Chest Of Drawers Removals Cover 85x76x46  
  Wardrobe Removals Covers  
  Wardrobe Frame Cover    
  3' Wardrobe Removals Cover 182x91.5x61  
  4' Wardrobe Removals Cover 182x122x61  
  Picture / Mirror Bag  
  Picture / Mirror Bag 80x110x25  
  Door & Bannister Protection  
  Bannister Protector 30x300  
  Door Protector (Standard) 205x91.5  
  Door Protector (Industrial) 218x102  
  Covers Carry Bag  
  Removals Covers Storage Bag 122x124  
  Preferred Colour (Black, Bottle Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red)
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