Dimensions of the Vessel to Berth          
    Length Overall LOA = m      
    LBP = m      
    Breadth,B = m      
    Draft,T = m      
    Block Coefficient,CB =        
    Displacement = MT      
    Berthing Energy Calculation            
    CM = 1+2D/B        
    CM =        
    MV = MT      
    Vb = m/sec      
    K = (0.19Cb + 0.11) LBP    
    x = m      
    x / L =        
    R =        
    Berthing angle of vessel ,α = degree      
    ϒ = degree      
    CE =        
     ships, which are fitted with continuous rubber fendering, CS may be taken to be 0.9.
For all other vessels C
S = 1.
    CS =        
    CC = Water Cushion Effect  
    Berthing Energy = kN-m      
    Normal Berthing Energy = kN-m      
    Abnormal berthing Energy = kN-m      
    Design Berthing Energy = kN-m      
    Berthing Load on Fenders            
    Total design berthing energy shall be assumed to be trasferred to contact fenders.  
    Fender load for that level of berthing energy shall be calculated from fender charecteristic graph
    Berthing Force on each fender = kN      
    Friction Load on Fender            
    Friction Coefficient =        
    Friction Force  = kN