Rolling Force Fr = MT
Horizontal wind force on pipe bay ,as per API RP 2SK.
A= m2
Vw= m/s
Fwind = kN
The horizontal rolling force, Fr on the pipe bay  is, MT
Avg: Pipe length, L = m
The total horizontal force, F on the pipe bay   MT/m
 P to considered = m
Sectional Properties of Stanchion 
Height of P from deck mm
Top flange, B1 cm
Top flange thickness, T1 cm
Web depth, d' cm
Web thickness, t cm
Bottom flange, B2 cm
Bottom flange thickness, T2 cm
Yield Strength, Fy MPa
Maximum Bending Stress Developed on Stanchion 
Bending stress, Ϭb MPa
Bending stress on stanchion, Ϭb  = MPa
[allowable bending stress] MPa
Shear stress on stanchion, τ= MPa
[allowable shear stress] MPa
Combined stress in support = MPa