Sea fastening Load,Fb mT
No of Supports locations
Moment arm (Point of load action) m
Vertical Support Properties
bf mm
d mm
tw mm
A mm²
Ixx  cm4
Sx cm³
Fy  mpa
Moment due to cargo M(act.) kN-m
Moment capacity of vertical support:
Moment capacity,Mv kN-m
Unity Check for moment capacity,UC
Shear stress Mpa
Unity check for shear stress,UC
Design of Bracing Support
Angle of Bracing, β deg
Pbrace tons
Compressive Force, Fb tons
A  mm²
Ix  mm4
Iy  mm4
Fy  Mpa
E   Mpa
Actual Compressive Stress, Fa Mpa
Unbraced Length, L mm
K  value considered,
fa Mpa
Weld check (Vertical support to base plate)
Weld thickness   mm
Area  mm2
Moment (act.)  kN-m
Ixx  cm4
y  cm
Sxx  cm3
Axial stress  Mpa
Shear stress  Mpa
Weld electrode  Mpa
Allow. stress axial  Mpa
Allow. stress shear  Mpa
UC axial 
UC shear 
Weld check (base plate to deck)
H  mm
B  mm
Fy (deck)  Mpa
Weld thickness  mm
Weld Area  mm2
Shear stress  Mpa
Weld electrode  Mpa
Allowable stress  Mpa
Weld capacity  MT
UC Roll