What you'll need before starting
1. Recent payslip
2. Details of your workplace pension
3. Details of any other pensions you may have from previous jobs
4. Details of any private pensions you may have
5. Bank statement - to see how much you currently spend every month
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    Amount Frequency End Date (if applicable)
Your Employment Take Home Pay £
Benefits £
Pensions (exc State Pension) £
Not applicable
Child Maintenance £
Investment Income £
Other Income £
TOTAL (monthly equivalent) £    
Your Current Workplace Pension
Pension Provider   Your payment   Employer payment   Frequency   Tax Relief   Monthly Equivalent     Fund Value Valuation Date
£ £  
Other Pensions
Include old workplace pensions and private pensions    
Pension Provider   Your payment. Leave blank if '0'   Frequency Fund Value Valuation Date if known
Final Salary Pensions
Final Salary Pensions are also know as Defined Benefit Pension Schemes        
The Pension payable is guaranteed and not based on how much you or your employer pay      
Scheme Name   Annual Pension   Pension & Cash   Retirement Age Date of Statement
    Annual Pension   Tax Free Cash  
£ £ £  
£ £ £  
At Retirement
Your Date of Birth        
Planned Retirement Age        
Your State Pension Age (based on your date of birth)          
Expected Investment Growth Rate        
Expected Annual Salary Increase Rate        
Expected RPI        
      At State Pension Age   At Age:
Projected Pension Funds (EXCLUDES Final salary pensions)      
NET Income (monthly) **      
Maximum Tax Free Cash (TFC)      
NET Income (monthly) **      
* This is an estimation based on current annuity rates            
**This is an estimate based on current personal allowance and tax rates            
**Includes Current Monthly State Pension (2021 to 2022) of £778.27            
Pay More Into your pension  
Make a lump sum payment  
Current monthly expenditure  
Retirement monthly expenditure