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Family Income (for grants)
Beneficiary's Age              
Age When Accessing              
Tax Information For The Person Investing            
T4 Income                
Eligible Dividends              
Ineligible Dividends              
Lump of Money Available To Invest At Start            
Personal after-tax money              
Baseline To Date If You Already Have an RESP            
Contributions To Date              
CESG Received To Date              
Accumulated Income To Date            
Estimated Account Return by Asset Type Calculating Tool    
Asset Class Allocation Income Type Return return    
Canadian Stocks cap gains          
eligible dividends          
Foreign Stocks cap gains Lump sum in first year, followed by $2500/yr up to 50K lifetime max.
foreign dividends          
Bonds cap gains   Optimal Frontload    
interest   After-Tax Value    
    Gross Portfolio Return          
    Estimated Average Inflation          
Tax Drag in Taxable Account (Cap Gains Tax Separate)          
After-Tax Return In Taxable          
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