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  Step 1: Fill in income inputs in the Income Tab  
  Step 2: Fill select the amount to invest, fund, and account type in Base Comparison Tab  
  Step 3: Capital Gains adjustable in the Growth Tab and Inclusion Rate in the Liquidation Tab.  
  Step 4: Different Levels of Drawdown income can be adjusted in the Drawdown Tab.  
  Step 5: Play around & see the results for base year, pre-tax growth, and post-tax growth.  
  Are You Incorporated?
  Under 3 Full-Time Employees Including Owners
  Corporate Income Baseline (Swap ETF)  
  Corp Net Active Income  
  (After salary expenses)  
  SBD Threshold  
  Corp Tax (Active Income)  
  Eligible Div Income  
  Interest & Foreign Dividends  
  Agg Inv Income  
  Passive Income Limit  
  Corp Tax (Passive Income)  
  Total Corp Tax  
  Further Passive Income Shrinks SBD  
  Retained Earnings (To Give Dividends From)  
  Total Dividends Paid By Corp      
  Corporation GRIP  
  Eligible Dividends Paid  
  Ineligible Dividends Paid  
  Enough  to release RDOTH  
  Personal Income (Owner of Taxable Account If Using or Corp Owner Otherwise)  
  Salary & T4 Income  
  CPP Contribution  
  RRSP Room Generated  
  RRSP Contribution/Deduction  
  Eligible Div From CCPC  
  Ineligible Div From CCPC  
  Interest & Frgn Dividends  
  Elig Div From Investments  
  Personal Income Tax  
  Net Personal Cashflow  
  Total Corp & Personal Tax  
  Swap Vs Conventional ETF Comparator: Single Year  
  INPUTS Money To Invest  Horizon Corp Class ETF Account Type  
  ETF Types  
  Ticker Symbol  
  Index Tracked  
  Number of Holdings  
  Gross Yield  
  Capital Gain/Loss (Bonds)  
  Fees (MER Plus Swap Fees)  
  Net Foreign Tax Drag*  
  Net Canadian Tax Drag**  
  Active-Passive Corp Effects***  
  Total Fee & Tax Drag  
  Total Fee & Tax Cost ($)  
  Net Annual Yield Cap Gain When Sold  
  Net Annual Income Cap Gain When Sold  
  Further Passive Income Shrinks SBD  
  All RDOTH released  
  Risk Premium (+ve % Favours Swap ETF)  
  *FWT fully recovered in RRSP or Taxable. Half recovered in Corporate.  
  **This includes corporate tax and RDTOH from corp dividends (based on the income tab entries).  
  ***Tax efficiency from flowing eligible dividends through a corp.      
  ***Net effects on corporate income and personal tax from exceeding corporate active-passive SBD threshold.  
  Initial Capital (From Base Tab)     ETF  
  Annual Capital Gain
  Ann. Total Return  
  Account Type (From Base Comparison Tab)  
  Initial Capital       ETF  
  Annual Capital Gain     Ann. Total Return  
  Capital Gains Tax Inclusion Rate
  Year To Start Drawdown
  First Year Draw  
  Income At Drawdown     ETF  
  Amount to Draw/yr
  Pre-Tax Income  
  Top Marginal Rate (Interest/Div)      
  Top Marginal Rate (Eligible Div)      
  Top Marginal Rate (Capital Gains)     Tax  
  Top Marginal Rate (Inelig Div)     After-Tax Income  
            Risk Premium (+ve favors Swap)  
  Non-Recovered Corp Tax (Int/Div)              
  Non-Recovered Corp Tax (Cap Gain)              
  Account Type (From Base Comparison Tab)  
  Income each year is taken from interest or dividends first and then enough sold to make up the difference.  
  The corp tax is applied, RDTOH refunded, and then dispensed as capital dividends and ineligible dividends taxed personally.  
  Initial Capital                
  Annual Capital Gain     ETF  
  Capital Gains Tax Inclusion Rate     Ann. Total Return  
  Account Type (From Base Comparison Tab)  
  Post-tax value assumes all units sold and capital gains realized in a single year.  
  Those gains are added to base income and investment income for a personal income tax calculation.  
  For a corporate account, the corp tax is applied. Assumes that enough dividends are dispensed to release RDOTH.