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  Annual Investment Return (%)
  Invested     Baseline Account Value    
  Unrealized Gain To Harvest      
    Years Until Realizing, If Not Harvesting Now    
  Baseline (Current Year)    
  Current Taxable Income   Future Taxable Income  
  Baseline Taxes   Baseline Taxes  
  Current Inclusion Rate
  Future Inclusion Rate
    Capital Gains Harvest Advantage (Disadvantage)    
  Harvest In Current Year    
  Taxes With Harvest   Taxes With Capital Gain  
  Taxes On Capital Gain   Taxes On Capital Gain  
  Year 0 Account Value   Year 0 Account Value  
  Account Value   Account Value    
  Unrealized Gains   Remaining Unrealize Gains  
  Taxes With Liquidation   Taxes With Liquidation  
  Post-Tax Value   Post-Tax Value