C.V. Starr  Scholarship Program 2022   
  Family Financial Statement & Award Letter Summary  
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  Student Last Name
  Student First Name
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  Marital status of natural parents
  Please list names and ages of siblings in household  
  Sibling 1-Name/Age
  Sibling 2-Name/Age
  Sibling 3-Name/Age
  Number of full time students in college in 2022-23
  Estimated student income during summer 2022
  Student's current savings/investments (not 529s)
  Year/Make/Model of Student Vehicle
  Parent 1: Amount in Box 1 on 2021 Form W-2 
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  Is either parent currently unemployed?
  Is either parent sel-employed?
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  Current savings and checking account value
  Non-retirement investment accounts
  529 & Coverdell college savings accounts
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  Current market value of home
  Total  amount owed on home
  Current market value of any other real estate
  Total amount owed on other real estate
  Paying For College Next Year  
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  Amount you expect to spend on college from income in Year 1  
  Amount you expect to spend on college from savings Yr 1  
  Amount you expect to borrow for college Yr 1  
  Amount from student savings  Yr 1  
  Amount you expect to receive from others for college  
      Total resources available for Year 1    
      If selected, amount of CV Starr Scholarship you are requesting    
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  CV Starr 2022 Award Letter Summary        
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