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Access to Faculty
Coed College
Cost Management:  Financial Aid Grants (need-based)
Cost Management:  Merit Scholarships (not need-based)
Distance:  Drive time < 6 hours
Distance:  Drive time > 6 hours
Distance:  Fly to College < 3 hours
Distance:  Fly to College > 3 hours
Diverse and Tolerant Environment
Elite Reputation
Active Fraternity/Sorority System
Inspires Advance Study (PhD or Professional Degree)
Intense Scholarly Atmosphere In & Out of Classroom
Internships & Cooperative Education Programs
Legacy/Family Connections
Location:  Far West (Pacific Coast)
Location:  Mid-Atlantic
Location:  Midwest (Eastern section)
Location:  Midwest (Western section)
Location:  Northeast
Location:  Southeast
Location:  Southwest
Participate in Athletics - Club or Intramural
Participate in Athletics - Varsity/NCAA or NAIA
Quality on campus living (dorms/apartments/suites)
Religious Affiliation (specify)
Reputation for Building Character & Leadership Skills
Reputation for Quality "Cuisine"
Seting:  Rural
Setting:  Suburban
Setting:  Urban
Settng:  Small-Town
Size is < 1,000
Size is > 1,000 and up to 4,000
Size is > 4,000 and up to 8,000
Size is > 8,000 and up to 15,000
Size is > 15,000 and up to 20,000
Size is > 20,000
Strong Alumni Network
Strong Job/Career Placement
Strong School Sprit and Quality Athletics
Strong Social Political Atmosphere Conservative
Strong Social Political Atmosphere Liberal
Strong Support For Students with Learning Disabilities
Study Abroad Program
Undergraduate Honors Program