Input       Estimates   
Purchase Price
Purchase Price
Closing Date
Lender Charges
Tax Proration Percentage
Title Charges & Fees
2019 Full year tax bill    Attorney Fee  
2020 First Installment tax bill   Prorated Association Assessment  
Closing Cost Credits   Chicago Transfer Tax  
Cash Deal -1/2 closing Fee ($500-$600.00)
Total Charges
attorney Fee
Lender - Input from Loan Estimate
Mortgage Amount
Mortgage Principal
2020 Tax Credit
Ajusted Origination Fee
2021 Tax Credit
Full Appraisal
Closing Cost Credit
Credit Report   Cash deal Title Reduction  
Tax Service Fee
Total Credits
Flood Service Fee
Daily interest through end of month
Mortgage Insurance Premium
Total Charges
Tax Escrow initial deposit   Total Credits  
Homeowners Escrow initial deposit
Buyer Brings To Closing
Mortgage Insurance initial deposit
Inspection Fee
Paid Outside of Closing
Homeowner's Insurance
Homeowner's Insurance
Condominiums Only
Association Admin Fees
Monthly Association Assessment
Total Paid outside Closing
Association Admin Fees ($0.0 - $500)
These figures and calculations are estimates and are intended solely to be helpful in   
understanding the possible closing costs involved generally in a residential real estate
transaction in Chicago Illinois. There are, however, many factors that may affect these 
estimates.  Before signing any documents or depositing or receiving any money  
preparatory to entering into a real estate contract, you should consult with an attorney 
of your choice to ensure that your rightsare properly protected.