The calculator allows you to calculate from current prices and basic assumptions the gross margin from feeding sheep to get them to a sale weight. Make sure all input cells are filled out (light grey cells).      
  Cost of feed       Animal performance              
    ($/tonne) % of ration                  
Protein Supplement
Feed Conversion ratio (kg feed/kg lwt) kgs feed per 1 kg lwt gain
Feed consumption (kg/hd/day) (kg/hd/day)
  Other Supplements   Time to start weight gain (days)            
Feed expenses ($/tonne)
Average daily gain (kg lwt/hd/day) (g/hd/day) If this weight gain does not reflect what you think is a realistic figure adjust the feed consumption to reflect your expected weight gain.
  Feed expenses ($/hd)     Days on Feed days      
  Feed expenses                
  Current value of sheep ($/head)                  
Current Value ($/hd)
Total number fed
  Starting weight (kg lwt/hd)     Non finishers (% total)        
          Deaths (% total)            
  Total Current Value of Sheep     Interest rate            
          Target finished weight (kg lwt/hd)            
  Operating expenses       Wool production while feeding              
Drench/vacc costs ($/hd)
Weight (greasy kg/head)
  Labour & fuel (total)     Wool value ($/greasy kg)            
Shearing ($/hd)
  Crutching ($/hd)     Gross income              
  Fly/lice control  ($/hd)     Finished value ($/head)            
  Infrastructure costs (total if reqd)                    
Interest costs
  Operating and interest expenses                    
Total expenses
Total income
  Total costs ($/head)     Total income ($/head)            
          GROSS MARGIN PER HEAD            
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