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Please choose the locking arrangement required for the load pin. The standard choices are (a) locking of pin using a keeper plate, fixed to the pin and bolted to the structure,
or (b) A grab bracket which fits around the structure to stop it rotating and a threaded end with nut, to retain the pin in the structure
Keeper Plate
Grab Bracket
If you selected the grab bracket and lock nut locking mechanism option, please email the drawing/drawings of the assembly
that the load pin will be installed in, to enable us to provide you with the most accurate quotation.
The attachments can be attached below, by dropping files, or browsing to attach several files at once.
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Please choose the method of connection required. The options are (a) by fixed cable via a cable gland, or (b) Integral connector with mating cable assembly.
Both options are available with either an axially or radially mounted connection. Also enter the cable length required.
Radial Cable Exit
Axial Cable Exit
Radial Integral Connector
Axial Integral Connector
Cable Length Required          
Output Signal Required    
We are able to offer various output signals directly from the load pin for most load pin sizes. Please choose using the dropdown below, the output signal that best suits your requirements.    
Detailed Output/Instrumentation Requirements    
Please provide us with as much detail as you can regarding any additional instrumentation requirements that you may have.
If you have a requirement for WIRELESS instrumentation, please confirm how this will be used and what outputs and operation features you may require.