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Conditions of Hire
1)       All bookings are subject to the terms of use as set out in the A.E.C. User Guide.
2)       There are no powered camping sites. If you wish to have access to power, you must bring your own generator.  
3)       Horses cannot be kept in portable float yards overnight. They must be kept in the permanent AEC yards after sunset.   
4)       No horses are to be left on grounds unattended.  Emergency contact details are to be left on horse/yard.  
5)       Hot water showers are available.  
6)       No open fires are permitted at any time.  
7)       Where yards are used, they must be cleaned of manure and hay, and the gates closed before leaving the Centre  
8)       All hay, manure and litter from the arenas, yards and parking areas, must be removed and placed in designated areas