Celebration of Horses & Music  Dressage Competition    
15 & 16 May 2021    
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Saturday: 15 May 2021
Competitor/Para/Participant/Restricted Classes - Saturday    
Preparatory C    
Preparatory E    
Novice 2B    
Novice 2C    
Medium 4B    
Medium 4C    
Prix St Georges    
Para Classes    
FEI  Para Grade V Team test    
EA Para 3.1    
EA Para 3.2    
EA Para 4.1    
EA Para 4.2    
EA Para 5.1    
EA Para 5.2    
Preparatory Freestyle    
Novice Freestyle    
Advanced Freestyle    
Intermediate Freestyle    
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Sunday: 16 May 2021
Competitor/Para/Participant/Restricted Classes - Sunday    
Preliminary 1B    
Preliminary 1C    
Elementary 3B    
Elementary 3C    
Advanced 5B    
Advanced 5C    
Intermediate 1    
PE Grade 5.1    
PE Grade 5.2    
Para Classes    
FEI Para Grade V Freestyle    
FEI Para Grade V Indiv Test    
EA Para 3 Freestyle    
EA Para 4 Freestyle    
EA Para 5 Freestyle    
Preliminary Freestyle    
Elementary Freestyle    
Medium Freestyle    
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SDDC Member ($29/Test)/Non Member ($35/Test)    
Ground Fees (SDDC/AEC Member - $5/day; Non-Members - $10/day)    
SDDC Day Membership ($25)    
Late Entry Fee ($20)    
Helper Fee ($50 if no helper duty indicated)    
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Horse Sports are a Dangerous Activity
I understand and acknowledge that horse sports are a dangerous activity and 
that horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable way, especially if
 frightened or hurt.
I understand and acknowledge that serious INJURY or DEATH may result from 
horse  sport  activities and in particular from events in which I participate.
I agree that I PARTICIPATE at my OWN RISK.
Effect of this Document
I understand that submission of this Entry Form constitutes
 a complete and  unconditional release of the Equestrian Federation of  
Australia Ltd including all of its state bodies, coaches and Southern Districts 
Dressage Club, to the greatest extent allowed by law  in the event of me and/or 
the children under my care, suffering injury or death.
I understand the Southern Districts Dressage Club accepts no liability for the loss of, or damage to, vehicles, or any other goods or articles, and does not offer any personal insurance to riders.
By submitting this Entry Form,  I ACCEPT I confirm having 
read and understood the  contents of this disclaimer.