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  (Gold User Pass period starts from the 1st day of the commencement month)  
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  Account Name Albany Equestrian Centre Inc  
  BSB 633-000  
  Account Number 143217743  
  Your Application will not be accepted without payment of the above fee  
  By submitting this Application Form, I hereby agree to abide by the Constitution, Policies and the Rules and Regulations of the Albany Equestrian Centre Association Inc (, in addition to the following conditions relating to the Albany Equestrian Centre Gold User Pass:  
  ·         Gold User Pass is personal only and is not transferable.  
  ·         Gold User Pass is only available to A.E.C. members, and starts effectively from the 1st day of the commencement month  
  ·         Gold User Pass usage is limited to a maximum of one 2-hour session per day  
         All usage must be booked prior to use.  Normal booking conditions apply  
  ·         Gold User Pass bookings may only be made for a 2-week period at a time, and no further bookings will be accepted until the final booking made by the Gold User Pass holder has passed.      
         Recurring bookings may be limited according to general demand, and must be confirmed regularly      
  ·         Notification of cancellation must be confirmed when booking is not used      
  ·         Cancellations must be minimised.  Ongoing cancellations may result in ability to make future bookings      
  Shared Bookings    
  ·         When facilities are shared, the booking manager must be informed, and each user is responsible for their payment arrangements      
  Breach of Conditions    
        Breach of any of these conditions may result in immediate cancellation of the Gold Pass usage