Dressage Judge Information Sheet
  Event Name   Southern Solstice Dressage Comp
  Dressage Judge Coordinator   Elissa Forbes (0447-751-402)
  Event Date   20/21 January 2024
  Judge's Name  
  Judge's Level  
  Judge's Address  
  Judge's Mobile  
  Judge's Email  
  Conflict of Interest: Please list those competitions or competitors  in which there 
  may be a conflict of interest    
  Any special requirements the Organising Committee should be aware of:
  Judges Lunches, Morning & Afternoon Teas
  For Saturday, it is necessary to pre-order lunch, and morning & afternoon teas.
  The canteen is offering:  Chicken & Salad Rolls; Ham & Salad Rolls; Chicken Burgers; Gluten Free Quiches & Salad; Vegetarian Quiches & Salad; Ham, Cheese & Tomato toasties; Sausage Rolls; Pies; Cakes/Slices; Cheesecake slices; Fruit cups, and Drinks & Water
  If you could indicate your choices and quantities below for morning tea; lunch and afternoon tea and any dietary requirements.
  I will accept the recommended reimbursement  in the EWA Handbook
  F - C Level Judge - $30/hour
  A - B Level Judge - $35/hour  
  Travel (where it exceeds 50km/round trip @ 68cents/km)
  My km's from home to the event and return:
  Agreed Travel Reimbursement: