Heartland Table Pads STORAGE BAG ORDERING FORM   Made in the USA v22.09  
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  To order or check the price, please enter existing table leaf sizes (not the size of the finished bag)                        
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  STANDARD SIZE Table Leaf Bag       Accomodates up to 5" high table leaf apron       Quantity Price          
  Standard 20 x 50 Vinyl Table Leaf Bag   Black  
$33.95     Custom Storage Bag price correlates to the required storage bag size and selected material. To calculate the price, please fill up the provided form. Use a pull-down menu to toggle between vinyl and flannel option.  
  Standard 24 x 50 Vinyl Table Leaf Bag   Black  
  Oversize 20 x 60 Vinyl Table Leaf Bag   Black  
  Oversize 24 x 60 Vinyl Table Leaf Bag   Black  
$48.95      If you want to place your order, click SUBMIT button that leads to Pay Pal payment page. If you do not have a Pay Pal account, just select “Pay with a debit or credit card”  
STANDARD SIZE Table Pad Storage Bag (25 x 40)
  Standard Table Pad Storage Bag   Black  
      For all Custom Storage Bag orders, we need an ACTUAL  table leaf size and its HEIGHT including any hardware.  For the Table Pad Storage Bag, we need size when all sections are folded and stacked up together.  
                        Note: If your ZIP Code starts with zero, it will be reduced to 4 numbers     TOTAL   $        
  Note: We are not shipping outside Continental USA (Call us for shipping to Canada info)