Rent vs. Buy  
  Monthly Rent Payment:   Purchase Price:   Orange cells are input cell that you can edit
  Annual Return on Investments: Down Payment:   Gray cells are formula cells (don't edit!)
  Annual Increase in Rent: Mortgage Term (yrs):  
      Interest Rate:  
      Monthly Mortgage Payment:  
        Annual Home Appreciation:  
  Estimated tax rate (for deductions):   Property Tax rate:  
      Home Owners Insurance:  
      Annual Maintenance Costs:  
  Years of Analysis:      
  Cost Benefit Analysis  
  Total Rent Payments:   Total Interest Payments:  
    Total Property Tax:  
    Total HO Insurance:  
    Total PMI:  
    Total maintenance costs:  
  Return on down payment:   Home Appreciation less costs:  
  Tax benefits:  
  Total net cost of renting:   Total net cost of buying: