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Annual income
  Current number of exemptions
Typically the total number of people in your household
Number of children under 17
Dependents under 17 may be eligible for the child tax credit.
  California resident?
If not a CA resident you can manually enter your state income tax as part of interest on student loans below to have it accounted for correctly.
  DEDUCTIONS Tax deductions Existing Tax Plan House Plan
  Pre-tax retirement contributions (401ks, etc.)?
  Deductible property tax
This deduction is limited by the House plan. Enter the full amount to see the difference.
  Deductible interest on mortgage
This calculator assumes this is your home now and not a future purchase when deduction limits may be lower.
  Deductible charitable contributions
  Deductible medical and dental expenses
Enter the currently deductible portion. Expenses up to 7.5% of income are not deductible.
  Deductible interest on student loans and deductible education costs
Please enter the currently deductible amount only.
  Other uncommon deductions
Enter other deductions you have that are not included above.
  CA state income tax
This is federally deductible under current law but not under the House plan.
If your itemized deductions are less than the standard deduction, the standard deduction is used.
Your total deductions
Taxable Income = Annual Income - (Deductions and Exemptions)
Your Taxable Income
  Federal Taxes  
  Child tax credit  
Taxes owed under current and proposed laws
Taxes owed
This is your marginal tax rate, or the percent you owe for each extra dollar of income.
Your tax bracket