S1.Max UC entitlement
  1. Calculating maximum  monthly Universal Credit entitlement    
  Age claimant  
  Age Partner (if no partner choose "0")  
  Does the claimant or their partner have limited capability for work?
  Rent (£ per month)  
  Number of children with a disability (excluding children with a severe disability)  
  Number of children with a severe disability  
  Benefit Cap Applies?                                                     
  (note - select "no" if: *claimant or partner has LCW&WRA, *Anyone in household receives DLA, or *Net household earnings exceed £520 per month)  
  Universal Credit elements for this household include:  
  Standard allowance    
  Addition for claimant with Limited Capability for Work and Work Related Activity    
  Child elements    
  Disabled child additions    
  Housing element    
  Benefit Cap reduction                                                                
  note: (1) this reduces to £0 automatically if net earnings are input at more than £520 - other benefit cap exemptions need to be indicated using the box above,     
  (2) Child Benefit is automatically added to UC entitlement in calculating income against benefit cap)    
  Maximum monthly Universal Credit entitlement for this household is  
S2. Actual UC entitlement
  2. Calculating deductions from maximum Universal Credit entitlement, on account of earnings  
  Monthly gross earnings (claimant)  
  Income Tax (claimant)  
  National Insurance (claimant)  
  Monthly gross earnings (partner)  
  Income Tax (partner)  
  National Insurance (partner)  
  Net household earnings  
  Work Allowance  
  If the claimant's maximum Universal Credit entitlement is:  
  And based upon income above, deductions from maximum Universal Credit entitlement on account of earnings are:  
  Then this means this household's actual monthly Universal Credit entitlement is:  
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S3. Overall income
  3. Calculating overall household income  
  Net earnings  
  Universal Credit entitlement  
  Child Benefit  
  Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment for Care needs         (note: (1) lower rate does not apply in PIP, (2) This calculator can only calculate DLA/PIP entitlement for one disabled person - whether an adult or a child - in the household.)
  DLA or PIP for Mobility needs