Use this tool to help you take better control of your finances. You'll be able to determine how much money you can pay towards your debt and/or savings.
What is your Monthly Income?
After Deductions for Taxes, Pension Contributions, CPP, OAS, EI Monthly Salary
Investment Income, Spousal Support Other Monthly Income
Total Income
What are your Fixed Monthly Expenses?
e.g. Mortgages, Rent, Condo/ Maintenance Fees, Property Taxes Housing Costs
Gas, Water, Electric, Heat, Sewer etc. Utilities
Home and Mobile Phone, Cable/ Internet, Online Streaming Services Home Services
Auto, Home, Life, Disability, Medical/ Health Insurance
Daycare, Nanny, Child Care, etc. Child Care
Monthly Payments on Existing Credit Loans, Lines of Credit and Credit Cards
Pension, RSP, TFSA, RESP, etc. Long Term Savings
Payroll Deductions (if not Already Included Elsewhere) Insurance, Pension, RSP, Charitable Donations. Alimony, etc. Other Fixed Expenses
Total Fixed Expenses
What are your Variable & Discretionary Monthly Expenses?
Dining Out, Movies, Concerts, Shows, etc. Entertainment
Car Lease/ Loan Payment, Gas, Transit, Service & Repairs, Parking, License & Registration, etc. Transportation
Clothing, Gifts, Salon, Memberships, Sport & Leisure Activities, etc. Personal Care
Veterinarian, Tuition/ Fees/ Books, Dry Cleaning, Subscriptions, etc. Other Variable Expenses
Donations, Vacations, etc. Other Discretionary Expenses
Total Variable & Discretionary Expenses
Total Income
Fixed, Variable and Discretionary Total Expenses
Money Available to Apply to Debt Income Less Expenses

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