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To estimate the total premium if your workers went on individual plans with subsidies, complete the columns in red. The total monthly premium will be calculated. This premium is based on the high-end of the income range for enrollment in the second-lowest-cost silver plan in their area. 
Directions: List the number of employees that participates in your group plan at each household income bracket. Then add the combined gross salary paid based on the household income bracket. For more actuate costs, household income should include income from a working spouse or covered dependents. 
Household Income Brackets 8.5% of Income >=400% Monthly Premium Cost  Top of Income Range for single employee Number of Employees Combined Salary in Bracket Total Monthly Premium
Less than 133% Zero Percent Zero Premiums  $17,698 $0.00
133% up to 150% Zero Percent Zero Premiums  $19,140 $0.00
150% up to 200% Zero% to 2% *   Varies based on  the number of household members   $25,520
200% up to 250% 2% to 4% $31,900
250% up to 300% 4% to 6% $38,280
300% up to 400% 6% to 8.5% $51,040
Older people and families are the biggest winners    Total Monthly Premium 
Monthly cost is based on 2nd lowest cost silver plan in area     
* Percentages based on the Federal Poverty Level      
 Compare the Total Monthly Premium to your current group bill for monthly savings.   
We assume single coverage for rates in a class below 400%  of the poverty line
We calculated Total Monthly Premium by using the top of the range percentage 
The cost reflects any number of dependents as a Family of 4 making $100,000 will only pay $708.33. 
For employees making under 400% of the FPL income increases with the number of dependents