1- Add Total Current consumption of Equipment in use.
2- Enter Equipment Total Current Consumption here 2a A   Power/kW Power/W  
3- Select Equipment Rated Voltage  3a
V   3b   As Calculated  
4- Enter Number of Hours equipment is needed to run 4a Hr   3c   Actual  
5- Select est. Cable & System Inefficiencies  5a
%     DC Current Draw  
6- Select est. Inverter Inefficiency here (Select 0 FOR DC Loads) 6a
%   8b A  Actual  
7- Select desired Depth of Discharge 7a
V20-600 12V or
V30-800 12V or
V35-857 12V or
SLR60 12V or
SLR85 12V or
SLR100 12V or
SLR125  12V or