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    Energy Usage Solar Installed Battery Capacity   Day (10¢/kWh) Evening (20¢/kWh) Peaks (60¢/kWh)   Average Sales Loan Payment Utility Energy Bill  
  SOLAR   SALES   Monthly profit  
  Starting usage (kWh)/month   Store and sell at RTP
     Loan rate %  
Desired solar (kWh)/month
Net meter rate $
$/Watt installed
Evening rate $
   Sales total $
 Daylight average hrs 
Peak rate $
   Equipment cost $
Peak hrs/yr
ROI with avoided $
Efficiency upgrades to finance $
   Avoided energy $
Storage kWh/month
Solar cost $
Direct current (DC)
System size (kW)
Smart meter (SM)
Battery life span (yrs)
Battery cost $
   SM behavior response
Subsidy %
Storage (kWh)
   SM automation
   Subsidy amount $
Total efficiency