Black Friday Solar Savings Estimator  
If you are so smart why are you paying more than you have to PG&E? Over a thousand dollars a year! You do the math. Do it before Dec31, 2019 to save 30%.
PG&E Rates REC Twinpeaks System size measured in kW  National Renewable Energy Lab PVWatts calculator Solar can off-set some portion of bill. 30% Investment Tax Credit Cash Purchase Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) @$0.16/kWh, 38% less than $0.26/kWh Purchase via 20 yr [email protected]%  
Estimate future PG&E rates Place (3 ft x 6 ft) solar panels in various roof areas.  # panels x 290 watt/panel Energy in kWh produced per year Monthly kWh x average rate Check with your financial advisor on this. Act by Dec 31, 2019 to place a 5% safe haven deposit. After that the ITC decreases to 26%. Immediate Savings, since only paying grid hook up fee of $15/mo Immediate savings, since PPA rate is much lower than utility rate Immediate savings since monthly fixed payments are less than electric bill.  
  East           Cash purchase w/o ITC   Loan Purchase w/o ITC  
  South East           Cash purchase w/ ITC   Loan Purchase w/ITC  
  South West         290w per panel    
  Total # panels           Return on Investment   Return on Investment  
Note: can upgrade to even higher energy density panels if you have a huge bill and a roof with lots of gables and vents.    
Note: These savings estimates are valid even if PG&E does NOT raise rates in the future.            
Note: However, realistically, as PG&E rates DO increase each year, your savings from solar will increase even more.        
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