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Incl. all living space under roof, garage, and porches Existing roof (type) 
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Assumptions: Roof pitch (slope) 
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40% of roof sq ft suitable for solar Structure's year (built) 
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Solar cells located on Southern exposure Structure's footprint (sq.ft.) 
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Solar system without shaded areas Battery Power Storage (10 kW/unit) 
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Est. union labor; local wages may cut costs        
Calculations: Estimated roof size (sq.ft.)     
Built after 2001 = 4% avg BTU savings 2 IN 1 ROOF installed (w/o solar)     
Built 1981-2000 = 11% avg BTU savings 3 IN 1 ROOF installed (w/solar)     
Built 1961-1980 = 18% avg BTU savings Approximate 100% Utility Offset (kW)     
Built before 1960 = 30% avg BTU savings (ITC) Income Tax Credit     
1.1 kW power generated per square "Supremacy 1000" (w/Hybrid Inverter)     
Complete solar system installed w/Grid Tie inverter Total installed cost per sq.ft.     
● State tax incentives not included (link) Total installed cost per watt     
(c) 3 IN 1 ROOF, INC. 2020        
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