Length of expanding pipe  m  
  Material of the pipe
  Minimum temperature  °C  
  Maximum temperature  °C  
  Outside diameter of the pipe  mm  
    Proposed value Custom specific value  
  Linear expansion coefficient (mm/m per °C)  
  Elasticity modulus (kPa)  
  Tensile strength ultimate (kPa)  
  Safety factor  
  Permitted tensile strength (kPa)  
  U Bend      
  Expansion to be absorbed mm  
  "Width" of loop (W)  m  
  "Offset" of loop (2W)  m  
  Length of loop (2*2W + W) m  
  L Bend      
  Expansion to be absorbed  mm  
  "Offset" loop (W) m  
  Flamco B.V.      
   This program is intended for calculating expansion loops based on parameters entered by the user. The results are strictly indicative and have no legal binding. Should this programme not give the results as expected, please contact our technical support: +31332991850.