24-Hour Community Clock
 Meditations for each hour can be found at www.TheMilitiaOfMary.com. The Community Clock continues for 24 days so that each person has a chance to meditate on each hour. If you are assigned a middle of the night hour and cannot complete it at that time because you need sleep to complete your duties, you can meditate on that hour before bed. Write a name in the assigned hour for day 1. Then each person does the next hour the following day until everyone completes all 24 hours.
Begin on Date: End on Date:
On Day 1, This Person…. Meditates on This Hour of the Passion…
First Hour: 5-6 pm
Second Hour: 6-7 pm
Third Hour: 7-8 pm
Fourth Hour: 8-9 p
Fifth Hour: 9-10 pm
Sixth Hour: 10-11 pm
Seventh Hour: 11pm - Midnight
Eighth Hour:12-1 am
Ninth Hour: 1-2 am
Tenth Hour: 2-3 am
Eleventh Hour: 3-4 am
Twelfth Hour: 4-5 am
Thirteenth Hour: 5-6 am
Fourteenth Hour: 6-7 am
Fifteenth Hour: 7-8 am
Sixteenth Hour: 8-9 am
Seventeenth Hour: 9-10 am
Eighteenth Hour: 10-11 am
Ninteenth Hour: 11am - Noon
Twentieth Hour: 12-1 pm
Twenty-First Hour: 1-2 pm
Twenty-Secondth Hour: 2-3 pm
Twenty-Third Hour: 3-4 pm
Twenty-Fourth Hour: 4-5 pm