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  *Monthly equipment lease payment estimates are based on approved credit and subject to a full credit review and approval. In some cases the monthly payment may be higher than listed above due to program requirements, the credit applicant's business or personal credit profiles or time in business. The Tax Deduction example is the lease payment multiplied by an estimated 25% combined federal and state tax rate and you should contact your tax consultant for your specific tax implications of leasing equipment. ROI analysis on stream of payments excludes purchase option choice.
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Soft Costs
  You may include up to 20% of the equipment price in "Soft Costs". Training, Shipping, Warranty, Installation and other fees to setup the equipment and have it start making money can be included in the the price payment. There is a $500 one-time lease documentation fee.  
Lease Type
  Assumes an Operating Lease @ FMV: Equipment stays on Lessor's balance sheet, Lessee expenses rent payments. Lease could be an Operating or Capital Lease with end of lease buyout options of $1, 10%, or FMV.
Credit Worthiness Affects Payment
  The estimates in this calculator  are non-binding and provide a payment range from excellent to difficult credit worthiness. In equipment leasing, excellent credit typically means great credit scores and > 7 Yrs in business, Difficult to poor credit, or other past credit circumstances or < 2 yrs in business, can make financing more difficult and you have not financed comparable debt amounts in the past. Good credit typically means > 2 Yrs in business and good to great personal credit scores. Depending on your credit situation, the lease may require any of the following: higher rates, larger deposit, other collateral, a shorter term, or a co-signer. This lease estimator is just that, an estimate.  Each borrower is unique and final pricing and terms vary accordingly.  An equipment cost higher than $200,000 requires a custom rate quote from Sky Allies Capital.  
Tax Depreciation
  This equipment leasing calculator assumes a blended federal tax and state tax rate of 25% and 5 year straight line depreciation, as opposed to accelerated depreciation.  Essentially, we calculate the depreciation assuming that the equipment loses value at an even rate during its life.  For example, if the equipment has an expected life of 5 years, we assume that it loses 20% of its value each year. In reality, depreciation doesn’t happen in a straight line; it usually occurs at an accelerated pace in the early years of the equipment’s life. Thus, the equipment may actually lose 50% or 60% of its book value by year-2 even if the equipment has a 5-year life. The value of the equipment on the books does not necessarily reflect its Fair Market Value.