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Refrigerator  Gas Water Heater showers/day  Garage Door Opener 
Freezer  Electric Water Heater showers/day  Blenders or Mixers 
Sump Pump Dryer Gas  Dehumidifier 
Well Pump  Dryer Electric  Space Heater 
Microwave  Stove Top Gas  Hot Tub 
Hair Dryer  Stove Top Electric  Swimming Pool pump 
Coffee Maker  Wall Oven/Electric Range  Sauna 
PC or Gaming Systems or TV  Mini Split Heat Pump (in tons)  Car Charger L1 
Furnace Fan (Gas or Electric)  Central A/C or Heat Pump (in tons)  Car Charger L2 
Results (industry average hardware costs only)
KWh used/day =
Avg Solar Panels installed (KWpv) =
ESS SmartLoads ESS
KW Cost KW Cost
Battery size backup/TOU (KWh) = 
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Smart Loads = 
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