Homework 2 Linear Programming                  
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              Han Solo and Chewbacca fly the Millennium Falcon.
                They are considering a trip to Bespin.
                They can carry passengers and cargo containers.
                Let x be the number of passengers and y be the number of containers.
                1) Han wants to carry at least 15 goods containers.
                2) He also wants to carry at least 5 passengers.
                3) Each passenger requires 3m2 and each container requires 1m2 of cargo space.
                The total amount of cargo space available is 60m2.
                4) Finally, Han wants the number of containers to be at least twice the number of passengers.
                Translate these conditions into inequalities below. Use "geq" for ≥ and "leq" for ≤.
                1) x  + y        
                2) x  + y        
                3) x  + y        
                4) x  + y        
  Han and Chewbacca estimate they will make a profit of $5600 for each passenger and $800 for each container shipped.
  Enter the objective function below:
  P = x + y                            
  Enter two points for each constraint line to generate a plot in the window below.                    
  You should choose points which clearly show the region formed by the constraints.                    
  Constraint 1 x y                            
  Point 1                  
  Constraint 2 x y                  
  Point 1                            
  Constraint 3 x y                            
  Point 1                  
  Point 2                            
  Constraint 4 x y                  
  Point 1                            
  Point 2                  
[No canvas support]
  Starting with the corner point nearest the origin, (0, 0), enter the corner points in clockwise order:                    
  Give your answers rounded to 2 decinmal places.                            
  Calculate "P" based on your rounded answers.                            
    Feasible Region Corner Points x y P                      
    Corner Point 1                      
    Corner Point 2                      
    Corner Point 3                      
    Corner Point 4                      
  The objective function is maximised at corner point number:                        
  How many passengers should be shipped to maximise profits?                        
  How many containers should be shipped to maximise profits?                        
  What is the maximum profit for Han and Chewbacca?