c affects capital
fa fixed asset
ca current asset
cl current liability
fl fixed liability
e expense
pe expense with prepaid part
ae expense with accrued part
pr revenue with prepaid part
ar accrued revenue
g required for gross profit
d data to be calculated upon.
    ID Trial Balance (TB) DR CR          
    Sales   £325,000          
    Returns In £1,300            
    Opening Inventory £12,300            
    Purchases £75,600            
    Returns Out   £3,200          
    Carriage In £4,500            
    Commission Received   £7,500          
    Allowance for doubtful debts   £1,700          
    Rent £5,800            
    Salaries £95,000            
    General Expenses £4,500            
    Bad Debts £1,800            
    Carriage Out £2,400            
    Accumulated Depreciation - Premises   £45,000          
    Accumulated Depreciation - Motor Vehicles   £12,000          
    Premises £670,000            
    Motor Vehicles £120,000            
    Accounts Receivable £13,800            
    Bank £24,900            
    Cash £7,500            
    Mortgage   £500,000          
    Capital   £97,000          
    Drawings £3,400            
    Accounts Payable   £12,400          
    6% Loan Repayable in 5 years   £40,000          
    Loan Interest £1,000            
    End of Year Adjustments:          
    Closing Inventory 65000            
    Allowance for Doubtful Debts rate 14% of debtors          
    Depreciation Method:            
    5% Premises straight line          
    20% Motor Vehicles reducing balance          
      Rent is prepaid £550            
      Salaries owing £1,200            
    6% An accrual is required for loan interest              
      Owner took additional drawings from Stock: £1,200            
      Income Statement £ £          
      Less Expenses (use TB order)              
      EOYA Expenses (use EOYA order)              
      Balance Sheet £ £ £        
      Fixed Assets (use TB order)              
      Current Assets (use TB order)              
      EOYA (Use EOYA order)              
      Current Liabilities (use TB order)              
      EOYA (Use EOYA order)              
      Fixed Liabilities              
      Net Assets