Maximise the function P = 3 x + 8 y subject to the following constraints:    
  3 x + 6 y 36  
  x + y 10  
  2 x + y   2  
  Enter two points for each constraint line to generate a plot in the window below.  
  You should choose points which clearly show the region formed by the constraints.  
  Constraint 1 x y  
  Point 1      
  Constraint 2 x y        
  Point 1      
  Point 2  
  Constraint 3 x y    
  Point 1  
  Point 2  
[No canvas support]
  Starting with the corner point nearest the origin, (0, 0), enter the corner points in clockwise order:  
  Give your answers rounded to 2 decinmal places.            
  Calculate "P" based on your rounded answers.            
  Feasible Region Corner Points x y P  
  Corner Point 1  
  Corner Point 2  
  Corner Point 3  
  The objective function is maximised at corner point number: