Percentages Exercise: Give your answers to 2 decimal places unless instructed otherwise.
Q1) Without using a calculator, find the following percentages:
a)   10 % of 80      
b)   5 % of 80      
c)   15 % of 80      
d)   45 % of 80      
e)   75% of 80      
f)   40 % of 60      
g)   80 % of 60      
h)   55% of 60      
i)   90 % of 90      
j)   90 % 0f 80      
Q2) "Forward percentages"        
a) 15% service charge is added to a restaurant bill of £84.70  
  How much is to be paid by the customer?
b) The price of a laptop is reduced by 24% in the January sales.  
  The laptop usually costs £950, what is the sale price?
c) Over 6 years, the value of local houses has risen by 8%.  
  A house 6 years ago was worth £180,000; what is it worth now?
d) A worker's Gross salary of £35,000 is taxed at 17%.  
  What is the worker's Net Salary?
e) A shop gives its internet customers a 6% discount.  
  A PC costing £1250 is ordered online; how much must be paid?
Q3) "backward percentages"        
a) 15% tax is added to a restaurant bill after which the customer paid £57.80.  
  How much was the bill before the tax was added?
b) A customer bought a discounted laptop for £830.    
  If the discount applied was 12%, what was the original price?
c) The current value of a house is £250,000, which is a 4% increase from 6  
  years ago. What was the value of the house 6 years ago?
d) A worker's Net Salary is £27,800 after tax at 19% has been taken away.  
  What is the worker's Gross Salary?    
e) A customer buys a PC online and pays £960. The shop gives all internet  
  customers a 7% discount. What was the original price of the PC?
Q4) "percentage change" Answer to the nearest percent.  
a) Before the service charge, the restaurant bill was £35.70.  
  After the service charge, the bill csame to 38.91. What is the percentage change?
b) Before the discount, a laptop cost £930. After discount the laptop cost £818.40  
  What is the discount percentage?
c) 6 years ago, a house was valued at £175,000. Now it is valued at £180,250.  
  What is the percentage appreciation?
d) A worker's Gross Salary is £27,400 and her net salary is £22,194.  
  What percentage of the Gross Salary is paid in tax?
e) A customer buys a PC online for £1440.72 which originally cost £1566.  
  What is the discount percentage?
  Exam Style Questions        
1) A clothing retailer offers a 16% discount for customers who buy online.  
  a) A pair of shoes usually cost £35, how much would you pay if you bought online?
  b) A coat was bought online for £65. How much would the coat have been if the  
  customer had not bought the coat online?
2) In a certain restaurant a 14.5% service charge is added to each customer's bill.  
  a) The bill at table A came to £44.85 excluding the service charge. What was the   
  total amount of the bill?
  b) At table B, the total bill including service charge came to £56.80. How much   
  was the service charge?
3) a) VAT at 16.8% is added to the price of all goods. If a radio is £65.80 before the VAT  
  is added, what is its price after the VAT is added?
  b) A customer bought a washing machine for £375. The price included the VAT.  
  What was the price of the washing machine before the VAT was added?