Profit and Cost Calculations
Q1) Graham has a business growing and selling rose bushes. His total monthly costs are £655.  
  He sells rose bushes for £8.50 each.  
  Last month he made a total monthly profit of £475.50.  
  a) How many rose bushes did he sell? n =  
  b) What is his profit as a percentage of his costs?   %
  Maries supplies plant food to local garden centres. Last month she bought 200 bottles of plant feed  
  for a total cost of £225. She sold each one for £ p.   
  Given that she had no other costs, her monthly profit as a percentage of her costs was 34%.  
  Given also that she sold only 175 of the 200 bottles, find the value of p.  
                  p =  
Q2) Oliver sells tins of luxury buscuits. Each tin contains 10 buscuits. He buys empty tins for 50 pence each.  
  The buscuits cost him 4 pence each to make and he sells tins of buscuits for £2.20 each.  
  His monthly fixed costs are £1500. Last month he sold 2000 tins of buscuits.  
  Assuming that nothing was wasted, find:  
  a) His total profit for the month            
  b) His profit as a percentage of his total costs.          
  c) How much would he have to sell his 2000 tins of buscuits for if he wanted his profit as a percentage   
  of his costs to be 40%?              
Q3) Rachael makes necklaces. Each necklace is made up of a silver chain and 30 coloured beads.  
  The silver chains cost £2.50 each and the beads cost £3.00 for a pack of 150.  
  She sells the necklaces for £4.15 each.  
  a) If Rachael buys 5 packs of beads, how many necklaces can she make?      
  b) Assuming she sells all the necklaces, what is her profit margin?      
  c) She might not sell all of the necklaces made. How many necklaces does she need to sell in   
  order to break even assuming no other costs?          
Q4) Asif has a business exporting small fruit trees. To protect the trees he has to put each one into a  
  special box. The boxes cost £1.50 each and he buys each tree for £5.40.  
  The trees have to be exported in large containers which must carry 100 trees.  
  The container costs £200. He sells each tree for £15.            
  a) How much profit does he make if he exports and sells 100 trees?    
  b) What is his profit as a percentage of his costs?    
  c) What is his profit as a percentage of his costs if he only sells 90 of the 100 trees?    
  Assuming he only uses 1 container:              
  d) What is the minimum number of trees he needs to sell to make a profit?    
  e) Assuming he sells all 100 trees, what should the selling price be if he wants a      
  profit as a percentage of costs to be 70%?