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*Note Regarding FMV Growth Affecting Tax Impact      
Fair Market Value Growth is an important factor in determining an individual property's tax change from year to year. Separate from the Referendum Tax Impact, a property may see a tax change resulting from FMV Growth calculated at the Existing School Equalized Tax Rate. Below is an estimate based on the FMV Growth Estimate entered above:
Key Assumptions:      
First tax impact will be noted on tax bills received in December 2023 (due in 2024).    
Estimated District Equalized Valuation Growth of 3.50%.      
Example tax impact is based on the property FMV and growth entered. It does not factor any other potential change in the individual property value.  
Example tax impact could be impacted by other variables, such as significant market or statutory changes, which may necessitate adjustments to the financing plans.  
If referendum is not approved, the mill rate may remain unchanged or decline in upcoming years.  
Fair Market Value (FMV): This value is shown on your property tax bill. It is your municipality's estimate of your property's market value. This value is used in conjunction with the school district equalized tax rate to determine taxes due to the school district.
Equalized Tax Rate: The equalized tax rate is the rate per $1,000 of FMV that a school levies across all municipalities in the district. This rate is set by the district. The Impact is the change in equalized tax rate from the previous year.
Net Tax Impact: This combines the Equalized Tax Rate Impact from the Referendum with the change in taxes due to estimated FMV growth. While the school has control over the Equalized Tax Rate for the district, it does not have control over growth in FMV for properties in the district.