Drapery WIDTH + LENGTH + YARDAGE Calculator for SMARTIES :)  
  DIY or we'd LOVE to sew for you! BFS Workroom labor included at the bottom for your reference.  
  *PRO TIP: Hang your rod HIGH & WIDE to elongate ceilings & make windows appear larger*  
  Rod Width   Fullness   Drapery WIDTH   ÷ 2 for 2 panels  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  x
= OR  
  (inside finial to finial or track/rod coverage area)  
        No Rod?           
  Determine Rod Width    
  + +   Fullness      
  (LEFT side beyond frame) Window Width (RIGHT side beyond frame)     x1 (flat - no gather) x1.5 (relaxed gather)  
(outside frame to frame)
                x2 (standard gather) x2.5 (deluxe gather)  
                    No Rod? Let's play the guessing game :)      
                             │││││││││││││   1. Determine Rod Height (just below ceiling suggested)  
  *Install rod a min. of 3" above the frame   2. Length is from top of rod down to desired panel end  
  **BUT the higher the rod, the closer to GOD :)   (Using rings? Deduct 1-2" depending on rod & ring size)  
                    *Install rod AFTER drapes are made for perfect fit if using estimates.  
                    Hang on Rod: Measure from top of curtain rod down to finish.  
                    RP w/header & Grommet: Length above rod added in house if we're making :)  
                    Rod & Rings: Bottom of ring (or back of clip teeth) down to finish.  
          (or add 1" for pin placement @ 1.5" to hide your rings)      
  Drapery LENGTH    
                    Tracks: Top of casing down to finish. Install pins @ 1.5" from top.  
                    (or for existing hooks, button holes in specified number)      
  1/2" from floor sugg. OR personal preference :)    
  Drapery STYLE  
  DIY: Math is math right?? Not responsible for accidents! Use at your own risk :) (uncheck to view math)
  WIDTH                   LENGTH              
  Rod Width               Total Panel Length      
  Curtain fullness                 BFS Workroom:  
                    + Cut allowance (min. 1" -more for thicker fabrics)  
  Calculated finished panel width       = Header allowance      
  Add additional width if desired         + Bottom hem allow BFS Workroom:  
  Return? (for functional rods)         = Total length required        
  Overlap? (for functional rods)         Vertical repeat (0 repeat = 1)      
  New finished panel width         = # repeats needed        
  + Side hem allowance         = Panel cut length  
  + Est. seam allowance         ÷ 36 = Yards/panel        
  = Panel cut width               x # panels per set        
  ÷ Fabric Width               = Exact yards          
  = # fab widths/panel             + Allowance for safe measure      
  (actual seam allowance)     (at least 1/4 yd. (.25) extra per panel or set)    
          = New yards          
  W V-repeat:     BFS Workroom (LABOR ONLY)  
  W x L x     Designer Standards | Expert Craftsmanship Sheer?  
    (Add 50% upcharge for sheer & difficult fabrics)
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