Phius CORE Prescriptive 2021 Snapshot  
Input or select data in teal cells
      ASHRAE (169-2021) Climate Zone    
      iCFA* (ft2)    
      Number of Bedrooms*    
      Number of Stories    
          *per dwelling unit      
  1 General            
  1.1.2   iCFA divided by Number of Bedrooms Maximum Limit     ft2   
          (Calculated Value based on Inputs)     ft2   
  3 Compactness            
  3.1.1   Envelope Area Maximum     ft2  
          (Maximum Envelope to Floor Area Ratio)          
  4 Solar Protection            
  4.1.1   Whole Window SHGC Maximum        
  4.4.1   Projection Factor for Fixed Overhangs Minimum        
  5 Thermal Enclosure            
  5.1.1a   Fenestration / Openings Maximum Whole U-Value     (BTU/h.ft2.°F)  
  5.1.1b   Walls & Overhang Floors - Effective R-value Minimum Effective R-Value     (ft2.°F.h/BTU)  
  5.1.1c   Roofs / Ceilings Minimum Effective R-Value     (ft2.°F.h/BTU)  
  5.1.1d   Whole Slab Foundations, Below-Grade Walls, Floors
   of Conditioned Basements & Crawl Spaces
Minimum Effective R-Value     (ft2.°F.h/BTU)  
  5.1.1e   Ceilings of Unconditioned Basements or Crawl
  Spaces & Pier and Beam Floors
Minimum Effective R-Value     (ft2.°F.h/BTU)  
  6 Moisture Risk Limitation            
  6.2.1   Fenestration Condensation Resistance Minimum        
  7 Mechanical Ventilation            
  7.2.1   Sensible Recovery Efficiency, Heating Mode Minimum        
  7.2.2   Total Recovery Efficiency, Cooling Mode Minimum        
  7.2.5   Total Length of Fresh Air Ducts to Outside Maximum     ft  
  8 Mechanical Systems            
    Select System Type                
    *NR = No Requirement            
    For further details, please see the Phius CORE Prescriptive 2021 Checklist.