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      Dewpoint (°F)  
    ASHRAE 99% Design Temperature [oF]                                                                           
    CONDENSATION RISK                COMFORT REQUIREMENTS              
    ISO 13788 Calculation for Low Thermal Inertia Elements        Applies to all projects.                       
Is this a Heating Climate?
Windows >10' in height and above have the same required U-value. 
Use simple method for indoor humidity?
High occupancy?
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1. Unoccupied buildings, storage of dry goods
2. Offices, dwellings with normal occupancy and ventilation
3. Buildings with unknown occupancy
4. Sports halls, kitchens, canteens
5. Special - laundry, brewery, swimming pool…
U-value of window frame/glass [BTU/hr.ft2.F]
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    Safety Factor   
It's a good idea to design with a safety margin.
Default = 15%
      Required Whole Window U-value [BTU/hr.ft2.F]  
Interior Surface Temperature of window frame/glass [oF]
Risk of condensation on interior surface acceptable?
Critical fRsi
Critical Month 
    Critical CRF Rating