Dual-Media Filter Backwash and Headloss Calculator  
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  (1) - Input Known Conditions:    
  Temperature = oC
  Filtration Rate = gpm/sf
  Acceptable Diff. in Opt. BW Rate between Media =  
  (2) - Input Filter Media Properties: Layer #1 Layer #2
  Depth, inches =
  Effective Size, mm =
  Uniformity Coefficient =
  Specific Gravity =
  Assumed Porosity =
  Assumed Sphericity =
  (3) - Read Individual Layer Properties: Layer #1 Layer #2
  d60, mm =
  Clean Media Headloss, in =
  Clean Media Headloss, ft =
  Clean Media Headloss, psi =
  L/D Ratio =
  Opt. High Wash Velocity, gpm/sqft =
  Minimum Fluidization Velocity, gpm/sqft =
  (4) - Read Overall Calculated Values for the Filter:  
  Clean Media Headloss = inches
  L/D Ratio =  
  Are the Media Matched ?
  Optimum High Backwash Rate = gpm/sf
  Minimum Fluidization Velocity = gpm/sf
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