Acid/Base Addition for pH Adjustment
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  (1) - Enter Water Quality Before Chemical Addition:  
  Water pH =  
  Water Alkalinity =  mg/L as CaCO3  
  Calcium Concentration =  mg/L
  Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) =   mg/L
  Water Temperature =   oC
  (2) - Enter WTP Flow Information:  
  Annual Ave-Day Water Flowrate =  MGD
  Max-Day Water Flowrate =  MGD
  (3) - Enter Target pH: Target pH =
  (4) - Select Chemical to Apply:  
  If lowering pH, Select Acid to be Used: 
  If raising pH, Select Caustic to be Used:
  (5) - Read Chemical Mass Usage Rate:  
  Annual Usage Rate =  tons/yr
  Ave-Day Usage Rate =  lbs/day
  Max-Day Usage Rate =  lbs/day
  (6) - Estimate Chemical Solution Usage Rate:  
  Enter Chemical Content of Solution (% by wt.) =  %
  Enter Solution's Specific Gravity =  
  Estimated Ave-Day Usage Rate =  gallons/day
  Estimated Max-Day Usage Rate =  gallons/day
  (7) - Compare Water Quality Before & After Chemical Addition:  
    Before After  
  pH = --
  Alkalinity =  mg/L as CaCO3  
  Calcium =  mg/L
  Approximate TDS =  mg/L
  Langelier CaCO3 Saturation Index (LSI) =  
  CaCO3 Precipitation Potential (CCPP) =  mg/L as CaCO3  
  Aggressive Index (AI) =  
  Ryznar Index (RI) =  
  Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) =  mg C/L