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Height STI Rating (in feet)   dB SPL
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*ADC = Acoustic Drop Ceiling STI Rating Chart
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Choose a MXA System
The budget tool is designed to estimate and evaluate different microphone and system options. Pricing does not include cables, mounts, storage, displays, installation or professional services. 
Shure MXA System Budgeting Tool
Part Qty Ea. MSRP  
number of mics?
1   MXN5W-C
Ceiling mic coverage
    10-Port Switch
Speaker Power
1       Cost / Sq. ft:
Acoustical Modeling
Enter the room's surfaces into acoustic modeling and note the STI rating. You may add sound absorbing panels or change a surface to model different acoustical improvement scenerios. If the message below says "Check % Values" all 6 surfaces do not total 100% each.
Surface Select Material Percentage
Acoustic Analysis Results 
Rooms with less than 50% of abosrbing surfaces will benefit from acoustic treatment. Typically, covering 15% of the room with treatment will provide a significant improvement for conferencing and benefit the overall comfort in the room. 
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