Fuel Levy (Surcharge) Calculator        
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    Step 1:  Base Rate  (These prices remain generally fixed)        
    Freight Rate per load or day                   (Freight rate at the time of quotation)        
    Base Rate Fuel Cost   (Price of fuel at time of quotation.)        
    Base Rate Fuel Cost Percentage                    (Percentage cost of fuel included in Base Rate)        
TIP:  Semi-trailers are likely to be between 25% - 40%.  Small courier vehicles are likely to be 10-20%.
Check your fuel cost percentage with the Truck Cost Estimate or the Courier Cost Estimate Calculators.
    Step 2:  Current Fuel Cost        
        Australian Institute of Petroleum Fuel Charts    National Diesel Average - Click  Here          
    Fuel Levy (Surcharge)                  
Current Rate
(Revised rate after fuel increase)
(Increase over original quotation due to fuel costs)
All Figures exclude GST / VAT & Tax considerations.
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