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Proposed Program Length
The length of a program is an important factor in its cost, but it is not a 1-1 correspondence. You can't price a video project on a per-minute basis. The effort and resources put into a 30-second commercial often exceed that of a 30-minute marketing video. In combination, all the other factors below determine the cost more than just the program length. FAQ
Quality Level to Aim For
We keep the project's purpose in perspective to hold the budget in check. FAQ
Not every project needs a script, for example documenting an event. But if you write your own script, we will break it down into scenes for efficient shooting and if you'd like, make suggestions. If you need more help writing it, we're here for you. FAQ
Pre-production Planning
The more complex a project, the more time and experience it takes to coordinate all the moving pieces. FAQ
Locations  (Only one location is covered by this Estimator)
Let's talk if you need to shoot in multiple locations (where we drive from one place to another). The logistics get complicated in a hurry and only an experienced producer can estimate it accurately.

Anything calling for airplane travel is also a job for a human estimator.
Site Survey
Depending on the location, it may be essential to see it ahead of time to make a game plan and bring the right crew and equipment configuration. FAQ
We may be shooting interviews, an event, a facility or equipment, none of which would involve hired performers. But you may need a host, an on-camera narrator, or characters. For this, professional talent is best. This Estimator can handle up to a dozen actors. FAQ
We will provide all on-camera people
Professional performers to be cast
Days of shooting
Take your best guess at how long it will take to shoot, but only an experienced producer knows for sure. Generally 1 day is minimum. FAQ
Equipment and Services
Equipment needs determine some of the crew below. FAQ
Full 4k camera package, 2-person crew, lighting & audio equip.
Package features a Sony FS7 Mark II camera, a Sony A7 Mark III camera and enough gear to handle the vast majority of the work we do. FAQ
An extended audio package (more than two microphones)
Let's talk if you need more than five or six mikes. FAQ
Small grip truck with additional lighting (more than for a basic interview)
We rarely need a large truck, but the number of lights needed (and their cost) can vary. FAQ
Days of TelePrompter
TelePrompter is what news anchors use. It allows you to read a script while making perfect eye contact with the camera. FAQ
Days of Aerial Drone
Some areas have restricted air space and a licensed drone operator needs permission from the FAA (through Air Traffic Control) to fly the drone. Request for permission should be made 90 days before the shooting date. FAQ
Crew List
Some crew members are determined by the equipment choices above. Most projects need a Director. Larger shoots call for a Producer as well. If you need more crew or equipment, give us a call. FAQ
Camera Person (added automatically with camera package)
Audio Person (added with camera package, can be deleted by checkbox below)
Lighting crew (2 people)
TelePrompter Operator
Drone Pilot
No Audio/Lighting Assistant needed (person will be included with Extended Audio Package)
Makeup and Hair
Production Assistant
Expendables, crew meals, footage archiving, misc. expenses
Odds-n-ends, figured on a daily basis, but easy to exceed with, for example, expensive downtown parking. Can also be less. FAQ
No editing needed
In case you want to edit yourself. FAQ
Hours of editing suggested for fully produced program
This figure is difficult to estimate. Here it is determined only by the length of the program and the quality of the project, but other details factor heavily in the edit time. Discuss your project with us if you need a more precise estimate. FAQ
Hours of editing (leave blank to accept suggested number)
If you know how many hours of editing this project will need. FAQ
We get all raw footage on a hard drive
If we provide the hard drive and ship it to you. FAQ
Don't keep a backup of the raw footage
We normally archive everything we do. You can opt out and save a few dollars. FAQ
Professional voiceover (talent and recording)
There's nothing like a professional narrator to give your project professional polish. FAQ
Cuts of library music
Library music is fine for most projects, but custom-composed and scored is great for high-end work. FAQ
Clips of stock footage
Some footage is cheaper to buy than to shoot, but if it can be shot locally, it's best to shoot exactly what you need. FAQ
Minutes of animation or 3D graphics
3D Graphics is another item whose price can be all over the spectrum, depending on details. Use this as a rough estimate but call us for a more precise figure. FAQ
DVD or Blu-ray authoring
DVD or Blu-ray with custom menu
This is to create the master disc. Duplication is a separate project. FAQ
Disc packaging design
Custom label for the disc and an album insert. FAQ
ESTIMATED PROJECT COST  Best Estimate  Low Range High Range
Budget Breakdown      
Best Low High
Pre-Production   Estimate Range Range
Day Producer
Day Director
Day Camera Person
Day Audio Person
Day Gaffer
Day Best Boy
Day Makeup Artist
Day TelePrompter
Day Prod. Assistant
Actor-Day Performer
Day Camera Pkg.
Day Audio Package
Day Grip Truck
Day Lighting
Day Aerial Drone
Day Studio
Day Location
Crew Meals
Hour Director-Editor
Hour Edit Suite
Animation/3D Grfx.
Library Music
Clip Stock Footage
Hard Drive
Each Director-Author
Each Edit Suite
Each Pkg. Design
ESTIMATED PROJECT COST  Best Estimate  Low Range High Range
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