Skills assessment - BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business  
Use this skills assessment form to give you an idea as to whether you would be successful in an RPL application for a unit/s. Scroll down the form, click on the relevant unit code to open the form up for that unit and select from the drop down list the relevant number of times you have performed that task yourself.   
Once you have provided a response for each unit, and/or previous study option, go to the 'summary' section. This will summarise the likelihood of whether you would be successful in an RPL application.   
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BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business    
Have you performed the following:  
Task Response  
Identified and researched options for business structures
Determined legislation and regulatory requirements affecting the business
Developed and implemented procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
Established systems to ensure WHS, registration and environmental requirements are met
Identified taxation principles are requirements relevant to the business
Identified and carefully maintained legal documents
Monitored provision of products and services of the business to protect legal rights
Conducted investigations to identify areas of non-compliance
Sought legal advice on contractual rights and obligations
Investigated and assessed potential products and services to determine procurement rights
Identified options for leasing or ownership of business premises
Identified potential internal risks to the business
Identified potential external risks to the business
Assessed the probability and impact of identified risks
Prioritised risks for treatment
Developed actions to mitigate risks including identifying insurance requirements
Previous study
Previous study and completed courses  
Have you completed any of the following courses:  
Course Response  
BSBSBM401A Establish business and legal requirements
BSBSMB401A Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
Here is a summary of the possibility of RPL based on your responses:
Unit Likelihood
No = You will not be able to gain an RPL, you will need to enrol in the unit and complete it normally.
Unlikely = it is extremely unlikely you would be successful in an RPL application based on your responses. We highly recommend to complete under normal enrolment, however the choice is yours.
Likely = it is quite possible that you could apply for, and be granted, RPL for the unit. However this is based on you providing suitable and satisfactory evidence in addition to completing a quizz, experience video, work history, etc.
Possibly = depends on what units you completed for the relevant course/s. We will need to check your academic transcript to confirm you have completed the required unit/s.
Please complete the details below and click the 'submit' button. If it looks like you can apply for RPL for a unit/s, we will be in touch soon to advise on the next step. If it is unlikely that you would be successful in an RPL, we will contact you to advise how normal enrolment works and if you would like more information, etc. 
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